Industries Served

The G3520 series can be applied to several industries and is not limited to the ones stated below:

Data Centers
       The G3520 series has the capability of producing uninterrupted power. Whether you install a diesel or gas generator,  your data center will have continuous flow of power. The best way to reduce cost and be energy efficient is to install a Co-generation system--CHP, combined heat and power.  It is fueled by pipeline natural gas and has the ability to create a server cooling source by converting waste heat through absorption chiller while generating electricity at the same time.

       It doesn’t matter where your construction site is located the G3520 series have the ability to support your crew and operation. Whether it may be for continuous or for standby application, these gen sets can power your office and equipment at any time of day. 

Power Plant
CAT power generators can be put into work for any type of power plant, whether its for an engine or turbine power plant, the G3520 series will successfully complete the task

  You can power your location or project by using a diesel or gas generator set, however, both have its own unique differences:

-> Diesel Generator Sets
- Reaches most global emission ratings
  - Longer life cycle
- Recommended for utilities and power plants to use a CHP system

-> Gas Generator Sets
  - Low energy cost
- Beneficial for peak loads
  - Resourceful when a centralized power plant is absent