GenSet Basics

Gas generator set basics

Generator Sets Explained

A generator set is a combination of an engine and generator in a single unit. It can run on different fuel types such as natural gas, diesel, coal, and biogas. The primary purpose of a genset is to provide power, or electricity to areas that do not have a power grid, and/or in times of a black out serving as an emergency back-up generator.

Cogeneration AKA Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Explained

1. Fuel (coal, natural gas, biogas, etc) is entered.
2. The engine burns the fuel.
3. The engine's driveshaft is connected to the generator and produces electricity. 
                    -The electricity can be used for industrial or commercial purposes on the spot or in case of an emergency
4. The exhausted gas from the engine goes through a heat exchanger
5. The catalytic converter removes the impurities (population) from the gas.
6. The clean exhaust gas flows through the pipes.
7. The cold water entering the heat exchanger catches the heat from the clean exhausted gas and leaves the system to emit heat at a higher temperature.