CAT G3520H
Image source G3520H Caterpillar 2015, IMP Corporation

Caterpillar G3520H

This model runs on natural gas, biogas, and coal gas. It was built to be the lowest owning and operating cost. The G3520H has a maximized power density that provides a compact size giving the benefits of cutting installation costs. This genset serves to power hospitals, data centers, plant facilities and greenhouses. It has improvements on running continuous electric power applications and extended combined heat and power (CHP). It has a maximum electrical efficiency of 45.4% and is equipped with a CAT SR5 generator. The genset dimensions are 302.0 in (length), 86.0 in (width), and 97.0 in (height) with a dry weight of 54675.0 lb.

Fuel: Natural Gas, Biogas, Coal gas
Gas Standby Rating:  25919/2500 ekW